TeamDynamix (ticket system) improvements

Hello! We’ve made a few improvements to our ticket system recently:

I also want to say thanks for the feedback you send when you’re surveyed about how we’re doing. I review that feedback regularly and use it to re-open issues that shouldn’t have been closed as well as identify other opportunities for improvement.

-John B.

PS Intranet links have also been updated to point to the service catalog.

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IT Services updates, October 2014

Here are projects and work going on right now in IT Services:

  • Server room chilled water cut-off, Oct 15-16
  • Campus’s Exchange mailbox migrations
  • EZproxy better working through firewalls
  • Third-party web site hosting
  • TeamDynamix ticket tracking
  • Improved new employee process
  • Fixed asset audit

See details below!

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Standard computer models

When someone needs a new computer, it can be difficult to know what kind of new computer to purchase: how much RAM do they need? How much disk space? How do you ensure the computer will continue to be useful for many years? Sometimes cheaper models fail more quickly.

To help, IT Services has developed a list of standard computer models. There are two Windows laptop options, two Windows desktop options, two Apple laptop options, two Apple desktop options, and two iPad options. “AA” models are good options and “AAA” options are more expensive.

You can still order any kind of computing device that you or your employees need. Hopefully, these standard models will take some of the guesswork out of choosing a specific computer model, if you do not have more specific requirements. We will also update these models periodically.

If you have feedback about the standard models, including ideas for improvement, please let Curtis Carr and Ron Mecham know.

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