Moving Forward with Google 5/31/16

Progress on Improving Calendaring and Communication in the Libraries.

ITS Desktop & Commons Technology staff has been working furiously to make this improvement to calendaring and communications a reality. We have hired extra student help to aid us in our transition.

Students started working on May 16th, and many of you have met them already as they are involved heavily in the first phase of the Google transition. David Okoth, Teresa Lin, Sathya Subramini and Hardi Siregar will be wearing library issued name tags for identification. These students will be calling our first group of Google transitioners to schedule time to check Google settings and configurations. Thank you for cooperating with them and having patience with them as we move forward. Our first group that we have identified are Exchange-Calendar Only Google Email users. These users will have the least impact personally to their email and can be switched easily just by making some configuration changes and importing events from Exchange-Calendar (if it’s used at all) into Google Calendar.

Thank you for providing information through the Desktop email survey that we submitted in April. We are using some of this information to help identify groups of users to move at one time. You also, may have or will receive a call from us if you use a resource account. A resource account is another email account that you may have access to, along with others in your department or other library staff. It also may be how you receive comments, suggestions and/or requests from users via web page forms or other inquiry mechanisms. We call them PACE accounts in the Exchange world. They are known as GAE accounts or Google App Engine accounts in the Google world. Most of you provided us with this information in the survey, however we have way more accounts listed that show users but no owner. We will be contacting you to verify the validity of these accounts in hopes to reducing this number (76) greatly!

Another type of resource account is a calendar account. We have several calendar resources used to schedule classrooms (ScaleUp, MPR, 207A and 3310) and conference rooms now at 5 total (ITS Torgersen, Special Collections, Technical Services, 6th Floor Boardroom, Research & Informatics) conference rooms and a few other resources. Calendars in Exchange work differently from calendars in Google. Google has a Room account status for calendars and delegation for administration. We will be adding our five conference rooms to the Rooms pulldown that you see when scheduling an event.

Note: We will be moving library conference rooms from exchange to google as we migrate the manager of that room. When you receive an email stating that a conference room calendar has been shared with you, that will serve as the official announcement that the calendar has been moved to Google.

As a heads up to everybody, Tyler and Elise have requested that they be migrated as soon as possible. Therefore, their group will be the first to move starting June 3rd. (Tyler, Elise, Brian, and Julie?) Who’s next? We will be reaching out soon to the next groups, to schedule the best date and time for your migration.

Remember, things that you can be doing to help lessen the time it will take to migrate your email. Those things can be found in the previous – Moving Forward with Google post.

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Moving Forward with Google 4/29/16

Progress on Improving Calendaring and Communication in the Libraries.

The libraries is moving to Google Calendar and Google Email in order to improve calendaring and communication in the libraries. We are continuing to test and migrate over different types of users in order for us to be prepared to move and verify that all library employees are using one platform for calendaring and email. We have moved a Windows Full Exchange user successfully and have scheduled a MAC Full Exchange user migration. We are test migrating resource accounts (departmental email accounts and calendars for rooms).

We are on schedule to begin slowly migrating users who have Calendar-Only Exchange accounts and are currently using Google Email and Google Calendar or Exchange Calendar. We hope to get a few of these configuration settings verifications done starting May 16. We have begun the search and hiring process for student workers to help with this transition.

We will keep you informed as we learn more how you can make this process a smooth transition. Here are some things that you can do now.

  • Complete the ITS Email Help survey, even if you are using Google currently, this will help us group users better and will help us to be thorough in this move. We are nearing 90% of all library employees. Our goal is 100%!
  • Clean out (delete) any unwanted emails that you do not want or need to move to Google email.
  • Decide what emails you can archive for access using a different email client other than the Google email web client. This could greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to migrate your email.
  • Get familiar with Google Calendaring and Email with tutorials
  • Remember, to sign-up for training seminars and workshops going on starting in MAY. All sessions are available on TEC

More information about moving to Google can be found here. Also, you can put in a support request ticket, if you have questions or need assistance with deleting and/or archiving email.

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TeamDynamix (ticket system) improvements

Hello! We’ve made a few improvements to our ticket system recently:

I also want to say thanks for the feedback you send when you’re surveyed about how we’re doing. I review that feedback regularly and use it to re-open issues that shouldn’t have been closed as well as identify other opportunities for improvement.

-John B.

PS Intranet links have also been updated to point to the service catalog.

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