Moving Forward with Google – 6/13/2016

Moving Forward with Google

Progress on Improving Calendaring and Communication in the Libraries.

This week we completed moving the Dean’s suite to Google Apps and scheduled and began moving about 20 more staff. The ITS Torgersen Conference room and the Library Boardroom calendars have been moved to Google.

In total after this weekend we will have moved 49 staff out of 149. (Remember, not all staff are Full Exchange users). Students have been contacting Exchange Calendar-only users to complete your calendar move and check your configurations. These updates have been going slower than expected.

We have heard that some users have tried to move their email without our assistance. We caution you to wait until your scheduled time before moving email from Exchange to Google. We really do need to assist you. If you have a Full Exchange account, your account status must be updated from Full Exchange to Exchange Calendar Only. We have a process and a contact with 4Help who is helping us do this in a timely manner to coincide with the moving of your email. Other processes also must be done in sync with the move, so it is best to wait until we are ready for you to go during your scheduled time. Full Exchange users must be available on a Friday and the following Monday in order for the process to be completed. Please work with us to have this done.

Some users are deciding to switch to Google Apps without moving old email and just using Weboutlook/Outlook to get to old archived email. This way there is nothing to migrate except calendar entries, if that. This is a very painless way to move to Google, if you can handle searching the archive to retrieve old email communications that you may need!

Remember, the less email you have the quicker the migration will go. If you have less than 3,600 emails your migration could be done in a day!

Our experience so far has shown us that each of you are truly unique in how you work with email and calendar. No migration yet has not had some new nuance that we have to add to our support arsenal during this migration. (If it’s not one thing it’s another!)

We thank you for your patience and cooperation with our students as we continue to move forward with our goal of improving calendaring and communication in the libraries.

One more thing to add. Resource accounts have not been reviewed in a long time. We were hoping to move these accounts along with the administrators, owners and users of these accounts. These resource accounts (PACE accounts) in Exchange need more attention in order to make them more efficient and effective in Google Apps. So we have decided to make Resource Account migration a separate project in parallel with the Google migration. This only means that we may not move the resource account for the group at the same time that it’s users are moving.

Remember, things that you can be doing to help lessen the time it will take to migrate your email. Those things can be found in the – Moving Forward with Google 4/29/2016 post.

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