ATTENTION FireFox Users:

Short version…

Reminder to accept the BigFix offer for Updating FireFox. This Offer will become more insistent and eventually installed. This update will clear your bookmarks if they are not backed up. We do need everyone on the same version of FireFox even if you do not use it regularly. If you have not seen the offer by now please do put in a TD Ticket so we can get this taken care of for you. Thanks for your help and cooperation. See below for the instructions on how to backup bookmarks and to accept the offer.


Longer version…

FireFox will be following the lead of the other major web browsers (i.e. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge) Tuesday, March 7, in dropping support for Plugins. Though this is a good move for security, there are many things within the university that still rely on plugins so that functionality is still needed. Most notably the Java plugin. FireFox has an ESR (Extended Service Release) version that will keep the support for plugins for the near future. The ESR version looks and functions identically to the FireFox that every one is used to.  Therefore, in an effort to ensure that your functionality with university services are not interrupted, ITS is going to be facilitating the switch to the ESR version.

Offer Acceptance Instructions


First and most important, please back up your bookmarks. The easiest way to do this is to sign up for a FireFox Sync account and log into the browser with it. To do that please follow the instructions in the link below.



Next, look for the BigFix Action Offer and accept it. For windows computers the IBM BigFix Icon will show up in your system tray which is where the wifi/network icon is located, and for Mac users it will appear in the title bar in the top right of the screen, near the wifi icon. If you want more information on how to accept an offer through BigFix please take a look at the how to’s we have created.


How To Accept a BigFix Offer – Windows


How To Accept a BigFix Offer – macOS


NOTE: If you have not see the offer show up by now please put in a ticket letting us know. We need to get everyone switched to FireFox ESR even if you do not use it normally.


Thanks for your help in this, and feel free to reach out to us if you have any concerns!

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