Information & Forms

You must fill out all areas that apply on this form.

If you are going to surplus a group of items that are the same, you can attach a listing sheet with description model number etc behind this form. Note in each field to see attached sheet, and be sure the two sheets are stapled together. Example of a group of items, would be chairs, desk, or computer monitors.

Get labels to go on the furniture from the Mail Room. These are a new stick on label. When grouping items, use some type of system to show items that don’t have the label. Only one label per form is necessary.

This form works for Surplus Property, and Transfers of Property.

If you surplus or transfer any property that had an original value of over $2,000 or Copier Equipment, you need to give a copy of the form to Library Systems to help maintain accurate records Fixed Assets Inventory.

If you are going to surplus computer equipment, please let Library Systems surplus it for you.

You may NOT surplus any items purchased with SCHEV funds. We will have to get permission from Richmond to dispose of these items.