Standard computer models

When someone needs a new computer, it can be difficult to know what kind of new computer to purchase: how much RAM do they need? How much disk space? How do you ensure the computer will continue to be useful for many years? Sometimes cheaper models fail more quickly.

To help, IT Services has developed a list of standard computer models. There are two Windows laptop options, two Windows desktop options, two Apple laptop options, two Apple desktop options, and two iPad options. “AA” models are good options and “AAA” options are more expensive.

You can still order any kind of computing device that you or your employees need. Hopefully, these standard models will take some of the guesswork out of choosing a specific computer model, if you do not have more specific requirements. We will also update these models periodically.

If you have feedback about the standard models, including ideas for improvement, please let Curtis Carr and Ron Mecham know.

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New tool for IT support requests

Effective July 15, 2014, IT Services will switch from using ULTRA TechSupport requests to using a new support request tool.

This tool, TeamDynamix, can be used from on campus and off campus. You log in with your PID. You will receive an email when you submit an issue, and the email will contain a link you can use to review or update your issue.

Existing open ULTRA TechSupport requests will not be forgotten–we will update these issues and any requests still open as of July 25 will be migrated by IT Services into the new tool.

Replacing ULTRA TechSupport requests is the first step in our using the new tool. Next, we will build a catalog of services you can choose from, such as ordering a new computer, where the tool will ask you the specific questions we need answered to provide you quality service.

TeamDynamix also represents a partnership with other campus IT: the tool has been used by a central IT department, Enterprise Systems, for several years.

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Software Transition

As of today, June 11, all software purchases will be done by the Desktop and Commons Technology group headed by Curtis in IT Services.  If you do not download our forms when ordering from ITA or use a local copy please update yours to match the new forms located on the Software Purchasing page.

Mac and iOS Apps are still under Ross but will be transitioning later this summer.

Please remember that if you are wishing to purchase a piece of software, we can help.

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